Black Lion Audio Digi002 Signature Mod – Review

Posted on June 14, 2012 by Matthew Baron 2 Comments

About 3 years ago, I ran across the Black Lion Audio Digi 002/ 003 modification. After reading reviews, watching videos and speaking to BLA directly, I went ahead and sent in my Digi 002 for the mod work. A quick turn-around got my unit back in about two weeks. WOW, what a difference! Sometimes when you get a piece of gear modded, you can be left with the feelings and thoughts of, “Was this worth the money?” This couldn’t be further from the truth. This has been by far the best money I have ever spent on any Mod or piece of gear for that matter.

Huge headroom improvement, sound quality compared to pre-mod is no comparison, and the music has just come to life. I’ve been recording and mixing with the unit in my home studio ever since and I can’t say enough about Black Lion Audio, there awesome products and the best customer service. All around good peeps and super helpful. For more information on the Signature Mod – Click hereĀ 

Thanks Black Lion Audio! You have made recording and mixing music a true enjoyment! I look forward to picking up a few more pieces of your quality gear in the days ahead. I’ve got my eye on the The Sparrow mk2 WHITE

Digi 002 Blacklion Audio Signature Mod


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