Online Pro Tools Training From Your Own Home or Studio

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Get the most out of your home studio recordings with professional Pro Tools Training

The most affordable pro tools training can be done from your home or studio

With the overwhelming amount of home studios and musicians doing most of their own recording in home studios using pro tools and various audio interfaces, the demand for knowledge and skills of the software has grown rapidly. It starts off with a band or musician looking at the expensive rates of studios and thinking, “hey if we buy an audio interface and ProTools, we can do this ourselves and save thousands of dollars!” While the fact is true, the majority of musicians who take on that task find themselves lacking the desired skills to make all of the recording gear purchases worthwhile and actually awarding. Often, their first several attempts end with disappointment of bad sounding tracks and unusable recordings. Fortunately, their are a number of companies that offer pro tools training to help the newbies and intermediate recording engineers learn the skills necessary to produce solid sounding recordings.

one on one pro tools training

  • Do you have trouble getting great recordings in your home studio?

  • Do you struggle with getting great mixes of your recordings?

  • Are you frustrated with winding up with sub par recordings and mixes?

  • Do you need personalized gear recommendations?

If you said yes to any of these questions, pro tools training can help you break away from your limitations and start getting the most out of the hard earned money you’ve spent on your recording gear.


Learn how to:

  • Create a Pro Tools sessions correctly for a proper workflow.
  • Making audio and MIDI recordings
  • Importing media from various sources
  • Selecting and navigating within pro tools
  • Basic to advanced editing and mixing techniques
  • Recording gear recommendations
  • Introduction to mixing
  • Working with loops
  • Introduction to plug-ins
  • Exporting your mixes and sharing tracks
  • Working with other musicians remotely
  • Learn how to use EQ correctly for better sounding tracks (reduction EQ)
  • Sharing Files.
  • And many more pro tools and engineering skills

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