MHB Photography

Photography has always been one of my life’s greatest passions. With a degree in photography from Columbia College Chicago, I’ve been shooting for over 22 years. Over those days I’ve found a love for landscape photography inspired by Ansel Adams and various other subjects including but not limited to people, places and things. While that may sound generic, it’s absolutely true. Everything in life can be photographed in a way that tells a story or provide a feeling that nothing else can express. While I shot semi-professionally during the years following my college degree, I took off some years to pursue my other passion for music and my entrepreneurial spirit. I’m currently president of APG Exhibits, who provides trade show exhibits and displays. I love my job and I’m extremely proud to say that I brought the company from nothing to a 2 year in a row Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in America and on our way to 3 years. 

Music has and always be a huge part of my life. I’ve led several bands over my lifetime and currently lead the band MHB, who plays around the Washington DC and Maryland areas. I have released 2 albums and currently working on my third. The first was with a band I started back in my home town Chicago called Entrinzic and the album entitled “Dig Deep.” My current band name is my wittiest band name yet, “MHB” and yes my initials. I decided since I was always leading the band and gigs and often used a enormous amount of “hired guns” as they say in the music biz, I would call it something taht represented what the project was all about. I released MHB’s debut alum entitled “Sparks Are Going to Fly” back in Chicago on August 31, 2009. 

So back to my photography. I’ve recently in 2016, been re-inspired to start back up my passion for photography through the interest in videography for my business needs. Therefore, I’ve dusted off my gear and started adding new gear, including a Panasonic GH4 MFT camera with various lenses, for 4K video and a nice lightweight camera system. While not the DSLR I’ve known over the years, I do love the small footprint of Micro Four Thirds and the 4K video quality out of this bad boy is rather stellar. Only the days ahead will determine what I will decide to do with my photography, but as a hobby it is extremely satisfying and my business needs can always use a good photographer and videographer. I just hope to enjoy the process of shooting and that it brings myself and my family to many places around the world to explore and capture.