The Best DAW Controller Alternatives to V-Control and AC-7 Core Apps

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DAW controllers for the iPad and iPhone have become very popular to recording studios as an affordable control surface solution. Problem is each have different limitations and most, I’ve found at least, have connection issues. The AC-& core the cheaper solution at $5.99 app doesn’t seem to work every time without setting up a network connection and the V-Control requires separate software to work. So after thinking about it I ran into an awesome solution and best part it’s free.

Well that is if you have a spare computer or laptop available. Personally I have a laptop that I do not use as a home recording device therefore I can utilize my laptop on a music stand and do a network screen share to actually view my recording computer, for myself it’s a Mac Pro Quad core processor and that allows me to see my entire full-screen from my recording location. I personally am the recording engineer and the musician 99.9% of the time when I do home recordings. Therefore it is extremely convenient to have access to all of the controls and it’s basically like looking at my Mac Pro desktop from my laptop. I was super stoked when I thought about the solution for connecting to my Mac Pro downstairs to my home to my upstairs studio Mac Pro. The solution is very simple simply click on your finder within your Mac and make sure that the computer you want to access you have screen sharing selected in your Apple preferences. I have attached pictures with instructions.

1. On the host computer that you record with go to the Apple menu> system preferences

Click on Sharing


Then make sure “screen sharing” is selected

Screen Sharing

Now on your laptop, go to your finder and you will see your recording host computer. Click on that and click “Share screen” (Note: you will need a wireless router or computers connected to the same network in your home/ studio.)

Share Screen

That’s it! Any questions let me know. A FREE solution to those with an extra computer or laptop available.



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