The New Apollo High-Resolution Interface by Universal Audio – A Game Changer?

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The Apollo High-Resolution Interface

The Apollo High-Resolution Interface

Ok, for those who haven’t heard yet, although I’m sure it will be everywhere soon, Universal Audio just announced their new Apollo High-Resolution Interface. I spent the last few hours reading everything on their website and the first handful of blogs and forums discussing the Apollo. Overall, without repeating everything you can read for yourself on UA’s website, I stringly feel this is indeed a game changer. Some people have questioned wether the sound quality is any better than units like the RME, Appogee, Avid’s HD, etc… although I think everyone questioning this is missing the main point, which is the realtime UAD processing. Yep that’s right, you can now track with UA’s high quality plugins in your recording chain! Personally, I’m stoked about the release and am already considering the purchase as I’m in the middle of upgrading my studio anyway, so timing is right on the money, no pun intended. Question is, which I will ask UA tomorrow, will the unit and my current UAD2 Duo double te amount of plugin instances I can run at the same time. If so, I will run out tomorrow and pick one up.

Another great point is the near zero latency, which they claim. As UA describes it on their site, “For example, when recording four “stacked” UAD plug-ins on the input in real time, analog-to-analog latency at 96kHz comes in at 1.1 milliseconds.” And that’s when tracking with plug-ins! 1.1 milliseconds is definately livable for me. How cool would it be tracking your vocals with an LA2A and a 1176?

So as a quick overview before I point you to where you can read all about it, here are some of the biggest advantages of the Apollo.

  • Onboard UAD Processing power
  • Realtime UAD Processing
  • Low latency
  • Thunderbolt Connection – coming Summer 2012
  • Class Leading 24-bit/192 kHz Sound Quality

Apollo® is the first professional, high-resolution computer audio interface that delivers the sound and feel of analog recording. This FireWire 800 / Thunderbolt™ – ready interface combines genuine UA analog design with class-leading sound quality and onboard Realtime UAD Plug-In Processing — giving music producers classic analog tones from Neve, Studer, Manley, Lexicon and more.

$2,000 for Duo, $2,499 for Quad

Apollo High-Resolution Interface with Realtime UAD Processing

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