The New Fender Tweed Champ Clone and Custom Cabinet

Posted on April 27, 2013 by Matthew Baron 1 Comment

Finally Finished is the New Fender Tweed Champ Clone Guitar Amp! Took approx. 2 months to complete with a lot of help from some good friends, but the end result is pure Fender Champ recording magic.

As probably one of, if not the most famous and used amp for studio recording (See list of artists here), the Fender Champ is a must have for any guitarist or recording studio. Need that guitar to sit perfect in the mix without applying a bunch of EQ after the fact? The Champ is the amp you want to record with.

The Amp Kit – After searching around for the kit to base the build off of, we ended up going with the Triode Electronics kit. We also upgraded the OT (Output Transformer) so that I’d be able to run a 4/8/ or 16OHM speaker cab. One of the main limits of an original is that you only have space for an 8″ speaker which runs 4OHM’s. The kit came well laid out and my builder Andrew, found it to be rather clear for the diagram and instructions included.

The Cabinet – I happen to stumble upon a listing for custom guitar cabinets from a fellow named Brandon, who ended up not only being a super cool guy, but who lives 25min from me. He owns B Custom Cabs, and worked with me to build a custom Fender Tweed Champ Cab. I also picked up a custom matching 1×12 cabinet so that I could run a 12″ speaker at 16OHM’s to let the amp “breath” a bit more. I really love the combo of the 12″ with this amp. Much tighter low end than the 8″ and really opens up the amp.

The Tubes – I’m still constantly swapping tubes to find the right combo. So far a set of Tung Sol’s seem to be the best fit. I’m sure overtime I will continue to pickup some others on the famous sleezebay:)


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